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About Us

Revolve Promotions creates the best ways to communicate your message using custom sustainable options. Our expertise allows us to find the perfect tools to promote your brand, as well as highlight to you, your clients and other stake holders the impact of using these items.

Revolve Promotions is located in Madison, WI. We are a division of I’m Organic (www.imorganic.com), a retail company started in 2006. As we grew I’m Organic, more and more organizations contacted us to get their own logo imprinted on the products. We saw a real demand for sustainable products in the advertising specialty industry, but not a lot of expertise. That’s where we came in. While sustainability is a moving target, we understand the different considerations and make sure to explain the variations to you.

Sustainable Expertise

  • Product lifecycle analysis (production through disposition)
  • Energy efficient office space
  • Fair living standards
  • Willing and able to educate. For example, did you know:
    • Cotton covers 2.5% of the world’s cultivated land, yet uses 16% of the world’s insecticides – more than any other major crop.
    • Bamboo regenerates 10x faster than wood and can be reharvested every three years without causing damage to the ecosystem
    • Using a reusable mug 24 times makes it more environmentally-friendly than using disposable cups.
    • It takes 3x as much water to make a bottle of water as it does to fill it.